I would consider laziness as a sickness, because if you do not find a way to deal with it, you will always be diagnosed with it. The reason why people stay in bed all day, watch movies all day long or rather spend their time on Facebook the whole day is because they got this disease called laziness.

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When you wake up in the morning, in your mind you got stuff planned for the day, but at the end of the day you find that you have been doing the same thing over and over and you have even left some work unfinished. The worst feeling creeps in when you realize that the day has elapsed and all you have done is wasted very precious time doing things you did not plan for. And the funny thing is that, while doing these unnecessary stuff you felt so comfortable, and when guilt tries to snatch you from the comfort zone, by all means you ensure you block it.

Let us consider some of the ways to overcoming laziness;

1.Evaluate that which keeps you from sticking to your plan

Everyone is quite certain of what contributes to their time wastage be it your facebook, youtube, movies and so on. Am not saying that these platforms are bad but if you do not plan your time well, you will find that you have spent your whole time doing what you did not intend to. Once you realize the thing that contributes to your laziness, purpose to avoid it by all means because if not you will be digging a grave of addiction to them.

2.Consider what you would have achieved had you not been lazy

If you quit being lazy, there are so many things you will be able to achieve. Deviating from your plans and postponement of work will not be your portion, you will be able to manage and utilise your time very well. When laziness tries to take up your time, you gotta remind yourself of the reason you woke up in the morning and the plans that you need to accomplish before the day ends. Being able to prioritize your time well helps you to fight laziness.

3.Get up early

Laziness starts in the morning, if you decide to sleep until late, you will not be able to manage your time well. The reason being, if you had a plan for the day and ended up misusing some of the time in the morning, you will not be organised through the day. When you try doing some work, time catches up with you and you end up giving up on your work. Check also, how to manage your time well.

4.Learn to be committed

Commitment is the key to fighting laziness, if you are determined to accomplish what you had planned, laziness will have no chance with you. Commitment shows that you know what you are doing and what you want to achieve. The reason why most people are lazy is because they do not seem to have direction and control in their plans.

5.Have sound plans

Do not do planning just for the sake of having a list. Make plans that will make you get out of bed early not plans that encourage postponement because they are not essential enough to make you commit. Plans that do not add you any value should be rubbed off the list because they are the ones that condone laziness.


Laziness in the long run leads to poverty. Once poverty strikes it can be so hard to eliminate, so to avoid this, you need to shun sluggishness. This article will enable every individual to find their way around laziness.

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