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In my previous article, I was able to delve into the guides of personal development. Having a peek into it would help answer all those questions that you have been asking yourself regarding personal growth. Today, I will elaborate on the things that aid in diminishing personal growth and development.

1.Doubting your abilities

One essential value that should be considered when nurturing personal growth is believing in yourself. When you doubt yourself, it aids in embracing the fear of venturing in to new opportunities. This fear shields the growth that would have occurred had you ventured in to the new chances. Relevant; Learning to love yourself.

2.Not pursuing your dream

When you do not pursue that which your soul body and mind aches for, you are shielding yourself from achieving what you are destined to thus hindering your growth. Read on;Necessities of personal growth.

3.Allowing some bad habits to control you

In an article on the things you should not allow to control you, you are able to get quality insight regarding what should not have power over you. Besides these, there are certain habits such as laziness which can make you stay in a certain position for long since you will not be making any attempts thus leading to poor progress. Check; Overcoming laziness.

4.Hanging out with toxic people

Your friends or allies also contribute a lot to your growth. If they are people with no vision and pessimistic then your growth start to plummets. You start to behave the way they do and act like they do. If you need to grow, find people who help you to forge ahead towards your goals. Check; People you should avoid and reasons why you should be with inspired people.

5.Believing in a fixed destiny

Well, some people from the moment that they learned they are born to a certain family or background begin to make their destiny to fit those of their elder relatives. However bad their lives are, they believe that they were born to a family of losers. This destiny thing begins to hit on their growth because they will not sweat to change this destiny. They just accept it that way. You can never grow if you do not aspire to change your life to the better, and the moment you start thinking of yourself as a loser so will you be. Because you have trained your subconscious mind to believe in what you believe in.

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