Often we are so scared of doing something in our lives. Each and every person has experienced this in one way or another. Human beings have a tendency of having fear as a response mechanism to threats. However, you wouldn’t want your fears to control your life because it would limit you from venturing into some awesome opportunities. Fear keeps us in our comfort zone, fear shields us from our strengths and fear generally acts as a stumbling block in our paths to a good career.

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Lets look at the ways in which we can overcome our fears.

1.Finding the root of your fears

Fears are diverse and one step to trampling on them is discovering the source of your fears. You gotta do a self evaluation o why you fear doing something in life. Every decision has got to have its reason. Someone could be afraid of getting into business because their dad, uncle, mother, brother failed in the sector and they feel they could be the next victims to lose. The source of fear here is probably pas experience. Once you realize the origin of your fears you are one step ahead to overcoming them. Other possible causes include some traumatic experiences, you need to dig into that if you need to put them behind you, have somebody to help you with this if you cannot do it by yourself. You need to snap out of it or else the fear will continue to drown you gradually. I know most people would prefer not to uncover the root cause of their fears, they want to just leave it at that. However, for you to move on, self assessment is key here, do that and once you know the source, you will realize you have the ability to overcome it.

2.Understand your fears

On finding out what causes your fears, you need to embrace and conceptualize it. Ask yourself why that could be the reason for your fears. Learn if these fears are worth your time, understand whether they are helping you in any way. By asking yourself these questions you will be able to find the urge to overcome them because all they have done is drown your strengths and abilities.

3.Be optimistic

Fears brings about negativity in our lives. For example for someone who is trying to find the source of their fears, most people would say I cannot do it, this is quite a negative statement. A better one would be, I am going to make an attempt, which is quite positive and would help you push through your assignment. Once we become negative, we block our abilities. Think about a business you have wanted to venture into for so long, but because of your uncle’s failure in the sector you have become business phobic. You can bring in the positive vibes by first realizing that you are not your uncle, and yes you can do it because you got a different mindset from your uncle. Each and every person has got their own abilities and if that’s not enough, you gotta know that failure is part of a journey to success, you just have to find the strength to get up and learn from your mistake. Every king, great businessmen and even the role models you look up to have had their share of failure but somehow they found a way of pulling through. Do not your fears prevent you from achieving great. Learn to always be positive, whenever negativity creeps into your mind develop counter positive thoughts. Positivity is the enemy of fear remind yourself that.

4.Find the help you need

Therapy could be one of them. Find that person you feel you can trust and will not judge you. Share with them your experiences. Opening up about your fears is a great deal and it is a step to overcoming it. Sharing a part of your story could in one way or another prompt the other person to share their experiences. Finding a friend that understands and have maybe gone through the same situation as yours helps to motivate you to forge ahead. You will be able to create a support group where each person have had similar scenario. As a group you will be able to realize your abilities much easier than if you were alone

5.Step out of your boundaries

Once you have discovered the source of your fears, embraced positivity and found the support you need, you need to take steps towards learning how you would overcome your biggest fear. Do it gradually by starting small until you reach a point of your biggest fear. You need to challenge yourself, find ways of overcoming that fear. When you do it small and go big, you will realize that you are more than those fears in your life. You will be able to learn to channel your strengths and defeat fear.


Fears are a part of life, however we need to be vigilant not to harbor them because all they do is destroy us from the inside and within no time this will be depicted physically. You need to overcome your fears in order to succeed.

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