Self esteem is the most important aspect in any individuals life, it gives you a sense of worthiness and happiness. In life there is no shortcut to success, you have to be competent enough to deal with the hardships in life as well as accept that you can make it. Often self esteem can be improved depending on who we interact with as well what our inner self deem us to be.

People can affect our self esteem either negatively or positively. Those individuals who accept and understand us for who we are play a big role in raising our self esteem because they make us feel good about everything in us. Whereas toxic people, who do not appreciate your work and have a tendency of throwing hateful words at you, demean your self esteem as they make you feel that you are not enough.

There are various ways that one can improve their self esteem and they include;

1.Be in the company of those that see the good in you

You have a lot in your mind to be wasting your time with people who will never support you. Choose your company wisely, be among those that appreciate you and support your dream. These are the people that will always make you feel that you are good enough and you deserve the best.

2. Train the voice in your head to be positive

There is something called the inner voice. This is the voice that can either motivate us or make us feel helpless. Learn to tune this voice to be positive so that you can easily overcome any negativity that life throws at you. When your surrounding thinks that you cannot do it and the voice in your head assures you that you can do it, then you are definitely going to achieve what you planned.

3. Make an attempt to help others too

In my article on the importance of the simple random acts of kindness, I was able to elaborate more on the satisfaction that one can get when they make someone else happy. The satisfaction that comes with knowing that you were able to put a smile on the face of someone that was sad is priceless. This act alone can make you feel good for who you have grown into which then lifts your self esteem.

4. Do not be too hard on yourself

Punishing yourself for what you did not achieve is like justifying that you are incapable. Be happy that at least you made an attempt to do something, so that you can develop the motivation to try and make things right again. Failing does not make you look not good enough but gives you the insight that you are capable of more.

5. Have confidence in yourself

When you believe in yourself, the other voices that want to bring you down will never succeed. Since you are confident, you become proud of yourself and what you can achieve, which actually helps in improving your moods to a notch higher.

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