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Unhappiness can arise due to discouragements, disappointments, grief, pain among other sad moments. Moods tend to change depending on how you woke up in the morning, how you spend your day at home or at work and even who you meet during the day. A somber mood could also arise due to goals not achieved, not letting go of grudges, disappointments at work and many more.

It is quite okay to feel sad but it is not nice to stay sad for long. Yes we all encounter bad moments in life however we can choose to stay sad or find ways to deal with our sadness. Being grumpy for the better part of the day will do you more harm than good. This article gives you pointers on some of the things not to do when you are unhappy.

1. Dwelling in the pain

Most certainly when you are sad, you must have a reason for your sadness. No one ever wakes up in the morning and decide to be sad for the whole day unless something is bothering them. However, having known the reason for your unhappiness, do not revisit the topic as it will make you more sadder. Instead, find ways to solve the issue, take an example where you are sad because you did not meet a target, would you rather focus on the “did not meet target” or “the why”. Am quite sure “the why” will give you the answer and solve your problem unlike the former which will just increase your disappointments.

2. Being alone

If you are sad, then avoid being lonely. Mingle with friends so that they can avert your mind from thinking about your discouragements. Am not saying that you cannot have fun by yourself, because with self love you can, it is just that some disappointments are more than loving yourself. You need other individuals to lighten your mood, for example in the case of grief, have someone beside you, to help you find the hope that you need to move on. Adverse sadness due to grief or any unhappy scene can easily lead to depression. In general, it is better to deal with sadness in anyway possible before it grows into something more serious.

3. Being hard on yourself

The sadness is too much to bear already, you need to give yourself a break and engage in some fun activities like listening to music, taking a nap, taking a walk, playing with your pets among many other fun activities that you like. So that you do not pressure yourself a lot. Give your mind space to think clearly and make sound plans.

4. Being idle

If you are sad and determined to fight the feeling then find something to do do. Just not doing anything encourages sad thoughts in your mind, and you will further delve into the somber mood. Do something that will be able to divert your thoughts from unhappiness.

5. Harboring your anger

Enough with being strong already, yes it is not a bad idea to be strong in order to overcome your fears, however I think that all you need is to release your anger. Do not harbor so much anger in you in the name of you want to be strong. You need to let it out, cry, let out some steam by screaming or shouting but be sure to do it in some place that will not attract attention.

6. Listening to depressing music and talks

Most people when they are sad love to listening to something depressing hoping that it could relate to their current situation. Yes, it can, however, this brings about depressing thoughts and makes you feel you have a right to be depressed. This does not help with raising your moods at all instead it sends you further into the sadness pit.


Sadness is something normal but still has to be dealt with as soon as it happens because once it prolongs, it develops into something more serious. The highlighted tips above will help you handle unhappiness well.

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