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It is quite a tedious task to wake up early, you just want to snuggle up in your blanket until you you decide to wake up early. Yes, the decision is yours to make, however, you also need to remind yourself of the consequences that come with not utilizing your time well. Life is not fair to your wants, you can either decide to do as you want(waking up late, watching TV all day) all the bad habits or choose to chase your dreams and later enjoy your life.

1.You get ample time to do a lot

Any individual who wakes up early achieves adequate time to do all that which they had planned unlike those who wake up late and end up achieving less or nothing. Often success comes when you sacrifice some things in your life, for example sleep, so that you can get adequate time to work on the things that better your life.

2.Your mind is active and thus your productivity grows

You can experience one of the worst feelings, waking up when the sun is already out. It is like you have been put in an enclosed environment of moderate heat for so long, that you get out feeling dizzy, all organs on the verge of shutting etc. A tired mind cannot think properly and thus productivity lowers. However, having had adequate sleep, your mind is able to function well. All your thoughts are fresh and the ability to make sound decisions is high. Waking up late makes an individual tired and as the body is fatigued so is the mind.

3.Your schedule becomes organized

Waking up at the stipulated time or rather at the time you had planned to do so, makes your day well organized. The reason being you can work on your tasks without rushing and thus becoming successful in your plans and goals. Taking long to wake up on the other hand, reduces your ability to accomplish the things you planned on doing. So you end up rushing everything, not knowing where to start nor end, accompanied by regrets of “I wish”.

4.You will realize less time wastage

Time wastage occurs when you do not follow your designed schedule. Waking up late does not make it any easier to adhere to this schedule and as a result, it leads to delay and dillydallying. The schedule that you follow to the later, reduces poor time management. You can only manage your time well when you stick to a plan, and by ensuring you deliver what you had prepared for.

5.You will develop a good pattern of sleeping early and waking up early

A good pattern of sleep is when you are able to wake up early and sleep early thus getting the adequate amount of rest. This will result in your body functioning normally and thus becoming productive in all aspects of life. However, this pattern can easily be distorted when you begin to tamper with the stipulated wake up and sleep time. Unless you are a night owl, stick to a certain routine if you need to achieve a pattern.


Most people who are successful, never wake up late. They always ensure they are up early in order to achieve that which they planned for. They understand that it is more advantageous to wake up early than late. If you have been struggling with waking up early, look at the secrets of waking up early.

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