Most people are prone to thinking negative about most things in life. A habit of this can easily lead to hopelessness. Negative thoughts have a tendency of killing dreams of many people and causing unhappiness, because these people usually expect or see the worst in every scenario. The worst thing about negative thinking is it can lead to depression.

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Have you been a victim of negative thinking, to the point that when you want to indulge in something, it is like you already know the outcome to be bad, that you become lazy in even chasing your dreams? Most individuals that are victims of thinking negative are familiar with phrases such as, I can’t do it because am sure I will fail, I will not achieve this, so, there is no point of attempting, among many other negative patterns.

The good thing is that negative thinking can be stopped because all these thoughts are in the mind and can be twisted around to positive thoughts, and here are the ways to do it;

1. Do a self reflection

If you have been a victim of negative thinking, then you must have realized that you have a certain pattern of blocking yourself from your capabilities with such words like, No, I can’t and many more, to things you would have perfectly done. A self reflection helps you to become aware and find yourself in the process of making a decision based on a negative thought. By doing this, you will be able to change what you would have done as a negative thinker. For example, being capable of changing a “No, I can’t” to a “Yes, I can.”

2. Avoid overthinking

The biggest problem that negative thinkers have is the issue of overthinking. A victim of this would decide that they want to choose a career in the accounting sector, but before they implement their decision, they start digging for many more reasons why this career does not suit them and at long last they drop and find another thing to venture in. Am not saying that doing research about something and weighing some options about it is bad, however, it becomes a problem when you start running out of options just because everything you brought on the table had a disadvantage. When you want to do something, just evaluate a few options and decide on it right away. Overthinking tends to attract negative thoughts about something, so it is better to restrict your thinking. The reason is you can easily find faults on something that was genuine if you overthink.

3. Stop Mind reading and being cynical

Most victims of negative thoughts have a habit of reading other people’s mind and interpreting their behaviors to the worst even if they meant good. Phrases such as, they probably do not want to hang out with me, am sure they are using me for their own benefit, they are just faking to be happy for me, and he does not like my dress are common to people with negative thoughts. Judging and jumping to conclusions regarding what people think of you is the worst possible as it can ruin genuine relationships with friends, lovers and even relatives. Avoid this by taking things for the way they are, if someone is happy for you, then appreciate them and move on. Learn to love yourself to the point that when somebody else thinks negatively of you, it does not affect you.

4. Stop self criticism

I tend to think that negative thoughts would not even exist if we stopped judging ourselves because all these originates from how we think and take ourselves for. If we understood how precious we are, how we are meant for greater things, then negative thoughts would not be our portion. This is because, when it comes to what people think about us, we would appreciate the positive and ignore the negative since we understand ourselves better than they do us. To whatever goals and decisions we needed to make, we would definitely make decisions based on hope and our abilities knowing that we can always achieve anything we put or minds to.

5.Avoid idleness

To avoid thinking negatively you need to occupy yourself with things to do. In this case you make your mind busy thinking of more constructive stuff. By ensuring that you are busy, you are able to shut the door for any unpleasant thoughts since you are so held up with something else.

However, when you are idle, your mind is bound to wander a lot and at times even end up having negative thoughts.

6.Do away with what can bring about negative thoughts

There are so many things that can trigger negative thoughts for an individual. Take for example, negative people and horrific past experiences, which are some of the things that can cause an individual to drown in negative thoughts. One of the ways that you can get rid of negative thoughts is by avoiding such triggers. Cut off ties with people who do not add any value to you. Forgive yourself regarding your past and move on from those unpleasant experiences.


In everything you do, you gotta understand that everything is on our minds, say negative or positive thoughts, they are all in there. We just have to learn to nurture the thoughts that will help change our minds to the better. Everything you feed your mind, will eventually become a habit and in turn a character. Let us always feed our minds with the things that when they stick, we would benefit from.

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