There are times when you feel so demotivated yet you have a lot to do and you are wondering how to go about it. If you are asking yourself that then this article is for you.

1. Switch to flight mode

Yes, the phone can be the greatest distracting equipment. Platforms like social media are so addictive that you can’t get to concentrate without taking a peek at what is going on. It is a good place to interact however, an enemy to work. If you need to get something done then switch off your phone.

2. Realize the moment your concentration is at peak

Being aware of when your focus is at its highest, that’s when you can prioritize how to do work. The more complicated work that requires good focus should be done at the time when you are at peak and the less complex ones for when your concentration is low.

3. Declutter

Apathy at times arises due to the mess in your table, closet, bedroom or kitchen. Find a way that you can organize everything in the right order and see how your motivation can kick back.

4. Take a break

Most people would consider this a waste of time but you are worth it. Having worked all day on the same thing requires some breathing space. Your brain is likely to drift off and shut due to boredom and fatigue. Find time to relax so that your mind can breathe and have some peace. This always works for me and it might to you too.


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