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Life is never a smooth path to walk on. It has got some sharp edges that can cut, some rocky paths that can easily make you fall, some thorns that can pierce and make you bleed and despite all these, we always tend to experience good times in life. The hard situations in life can render us feeling down. Despite all these rocky life patterns we got to find ways to deal with what life has to offer, as we can not be moody all day, life has to go on. For this to happen, the moment we feel down, there are things that we can do and have our spirits high again.

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The following are a sample of the things that can boost our moods when we feel down.

1. Listening to refreshing music

The reason am specific to up beat music is because most individuals when they are sad, they lock themselves in their rooms and listen to some depressing music thinking it will calm them. However, these types of music will drown you deeper into sadness because they tend to give you more reasons to be sadder. Up beat music help to lift your minds, because they send a vibe of happiness and even encourage you to dance. Dancing and letting loose is a good thing for sad people.

2. Spend time with someone you can relate to your situation

Am quite certain that most people can relate to this. Take for example you are heartbroken, then your friend calls and tells you they are going through the same situation. You would definitely decide on where to meet up and talk about your experiences. Once that is done, at a point you would even joke about how maybe you had been so stupid to fall for the person in the first place, and laugh about it. When you will be getting out of there, you will be a much happier and changed person. The reason to this is, you were able to interact and share your feelings with someone who could understand you perfectly. At times, when you are sad, it is worth interacting with people who also feel down because you can understand each other.

3. Indulge in your hobbies

Hobbies are those activities that we enjoy doing and brings excitement to us. When you feel down, engage in these activities and it will help in replacing your mood by lifting your spirits up. Allowing yourself to be active helps to fight the sad emotions by occupying your mind with much more exciting things. If you just sit back and allow your mind to be idle, you will relive the moment of sadness for too long, which is not good for your health.

4. Let out your agony

Pain or whatever is making feel down should not be kept inside. Whenever you allow pain build up inside of you, it will even hurt you more and leave you being unhappy the whole time. If need be, cry it out, shout or rather scream and you will realize that you will be more relieved. These emotions need not to be covered up, you gotta accept that you are sad and let your body relief that sadness through crying and other ways. This allows you to mourn for a bit, and then get back on track once you feel you have been sad enough. However, if you kept them to yourself, your body tends to recognize that you have sadness inside, and each time you wanna move on, your body will be hesitant as you have not mourned enough.


At all times when you feel down do not try harboring all the sad emotions in your body. Always find ways that can help yo deal with sadness. Prolonged sadness can cause stress and eventually lead to depression. All these can also cause diseases such heart problems and blood pressure complications.

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