Despite all the efforts that you try to overcome the habit of sleeping until late, you just do not seem to find the right reason. It is much more explainable for those people who are night owls, because their bodies would much more be exhausted during morning hours. However, if you are not a night owl and even if you have had adequate hours of sleep and still find it hard to wake up early, then it can be quite difficult to find a justifiable reason. Well, below are some of the reasons why you never manage to wake up in the morning;

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1. Lack of quality sleep

There are so many distractions around each individual each day. They include phones, laptops and other electronic gadgets. If you are a victim of browsing through your phone just before bed time, you are bound to disrupt your sleep rhythm. You can actually find yourself being on the phone for more hours than expected. Another thing is when you place your phone just next to where you sleep, you will be tempted to take a peek when notifications go off. Due to this, the sleep pattern will be disrupted and you will find it hard to wake up early in the morning. Sleep should be continuous not full of distractions as most of you have. Learn to do away with your phone when it is time to go to bed and ensure that, it is not beside you so as to avoid the temptations of having to go through what pops up.

2. You never have anything exciting to wake up to

In the secrets to waking up early, I mentioned thing or two about planning your tomorrow today so that you can attract positive energy as well as make your mindset aware of what lies ahead of you and what has got to be done. You can never wake up early in the morning and begin to let your mind roam on what you can possibly do, instead your mind will plummets or rather shut down and resume to the state it was in before. Planning for your day helps to activate your mind and it won’t give you a hard time when you try waking up early.

3. You love to hit the snooze button

Most of the times, you are always delighted to make the big move of trying to wake up early but when that time reaches, you never achieve what you aspired for because you just hit the snooze button. Many can attest to the fact that the moment you hit the first snooze, then you will keep doing that until you are late again. The snooze button does not serve you any good, it just disrupts your sleep pattern and gets you confused all day due to lack of quality sleep. If you need to achieve your waking up time, avoid hitting the snooze button at all costs.

4. You allow your thoughts to control you

When you do not take control of your thoughts, they will always try and obey your body more than your spirit. When you sleep late, your body will probably be like, “I will never get adequate sleep”, allowing the mind to buy this phrase. However, when you have the authority over your mind, the moment you utter that you will have ample sleep time and that you are gonna manage to wake up early, then surely you will get up early. Most people would always give up on waking up early during cold seasons and rainy seasons because they allow their minds to take control of their bodies. They allow their minds to remind them how rain can make your sleep more comfortable and how cold is not good for your body. You would easily fall for this if you do not take control of your mind.

5. You definitely love sleep

This explains well why you would not be willing to wake up early. In order to be able to wake up early and do something constructive with your life, you need to cut your love for sleep. Be ready to sacrifice that sleep, if you really want to change that waking up habit to the better.



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