Have you ever asked yourself why most negativity from around you affect you so much. For example, when a person comments badly about your hair, clothing, shoes or any other thing you have taken an effort to acquire gets so much into your nerve to the point that you wanna “strangle” somebody? And have you ever wondered if you truly know who you are? Life is all about understanding your true self so that you can live a life of happiness, satisfaction, self worth and self love. At times when we do not really comprehend who we are, we lose it, we lose our self respect,temper, passion, purpose and goals in life. In other words, we lose ourselves, our direction and a sense of life.

Finding yourself is the act of not being influenced by the opinion of others on how we act or do things. And at the same time not being worried by what others will think or say about us when we conduct ourselves in a certain way because that is who we are. Once you find yourself, you have the ability to shut that inner voice that tells you, you can’t do it, because you will start believing in you. Finding yourself at times mean creating yourself because often we find that our lives revolve around things that do not bring us the contentment or anywhere near our goals in life, there are certain things that have got to change concerning ourselves. If we aspire to find ourselves, there are things we need to adopt or alter so as to become the self we are satisfied with.

Unless you change your pattern, the way you think and behave then you will always be producing the results that you do not want. You need to do what it takes to discover your true self so that you can devise ways to make a living out of what you love. Life is too short to be unhappy doing what makes you sick.

The following are some of the tips that will guide you into finding yourself;

1. Have a list of the things you love doing even for free.

The journey of finding yourself is a complicated one and can take an individual longer than they thought to discover who they are. However, one step to finding the answer is by knowing what you love doing. Once you have list of the things that brings you joy when you do them, you can narrow down to a few that you are best at and aspire to improve on them day by day. These things that you love will always act as motivation and help you move forward towards a certain standard that you have set. Doing what you love also helps to open up your mind to new opportunities and ideas on how you can earn a living by doing them rather than always waking up in the morning to a job that you hate. Discovering that you love doing something and doing it to your very best is a step closer to finding yourself because this is where you find the direction and purpose in your life.

2. Stick around people who think you are awesome.

You can never find yourself if you are surrounded by individuals who are reckless with no purpose in life and do not applaud your successes nor bother about your goals. The reason being, the moment you hang out with losers, you will eventually, unconsciously adopt their ways of living and in the end also become a loser. However, the story changes when you are around people with a sense of direction, happy with life, love themselves, strive to achieve their goals and acknowledge your successes. These individuals will help give you a sense of life and a feeling of self worthiness and self love. Having a sense of purpose and being happy with your life is one way of finding your true self.

3. Facing the negative inner voices head on.

Most people are the victims of their own imaginations. These individuals usually do not achieve their goals because they are held back by their inner voices. They do not explore the available opportunities because they think they are not good enough, they can’t do it, they will fail, they are wasting their time, among other negative thoughts. In the journey of finding your true self, you need to be able to shut the enemy within you, you need to believe in yourself and change all these thoughts into positive ones. You gotta be bold enough and say yes to your dreams, yes to your goals and yes to life. Shutting the negativity helps to open up to new and enticing ventures. Believe that you can do anything you put your mind to it and you will realize that the only barrier between you and your goals is your mind. Finding yourself has got more to do with believing in your abilities.


The moment you find your true self, you will realize that life is an enjoyable venture and there are a lot of opportunities that one can exploit and be happy. Every individual is the author and star of their life.


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