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You are the only controller of your life, you watch what you eat, what you do, who you spend your time with and many more. Most individuals usually do not achieve what they want or make bad decisions in life because they allow their surrounding to control them.

Here are the three things that you should never allow to control you;

1. The past.

Some of the past experiences at times can bring you down. For example a heartbreak that you experienced in the past could hinder you from giving a chance an individual who was worth it. Or for example a target you did not achieve in the past could make you shy away from something you could have aced. Bad experiences especially the bad ones should not be allowed to determine the future instead look at them as important challenges that are there to teach you a lesson essential for the next level.

2. Money.

Money is among the most important life necessities, however, it can be a worst enemy too. When you allow money to control you, it will change your character to the worst, you will lose precious friends, you will trample on the people with less resources without considering that they deserve equal rights just like anyone else. Money can destroy your purpose in life, because you will be much contented with the current state to the point of forgetting your future plans.

3. People.

People always have a say about your life, the way you dress, your body size, and everything that you have. The moment you allow those opinions to drive you, you will be living another person’s life not yourself. This is the reason most people fall into depression, they care so much about what others think of them and not how they think of themselves. Learn to appreciate who you are not what people think of you.

4. Relationships.

It is not always that a person gets to have a partner/friend that values them or appreciates their efforts. Whether family, friends, work colleagues or even room mates, the kind of relationship that you have with these people tend to differ, some could be toxic and others good. To have an unpleasant relationship with those you love can affect your life in one way or another. These are people you respect, love and adore and they tend to bruise your heart so badly when things do not go as you expected. Some could even say some things about the way you look or do things in a demeaning manner, these words can easily affect your future life.

However, despite what they said or did to hurt you, never allow those insecurities control you, appreciate yourself, understand your value and ignore any negative talks about you.

5.Limited faith in yourself.

Individuals who are successful can attest to this. A great person would never have anticipated the success that they have now, however, they kept pushing through in all they did with the hope of just passing the average standard. As long as you are working hard enough, it does not matter how limited the beliefs that your mind have regarding the future, things will always fall in place for you. Just know your purpose and ways in which you can reach or rather achieve your best.

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