I just want to tell all those who feel that the world is caving in on them that you are far much more stronger than what Covid-19 brings about. Life is full of ups and downs and it is from those downs that we learn and become stronger, the ups takes us from one level to another. There is no up that does not have a challenge in every individual’s life, each person gets their share of pain. What matters most is the point of never giving up no matter what life throws at you. Do not show the world how afraid or weak you are, show it how strong you are to overcome the giants in it.

Learn to focus your mind on the things that feed your strengths and motivate you each day not on those that belittle you. Do not put your concentration on what you cannot access/have now, focus on the things that you are yet to get once the lock-down/quarantine is over. There is so much more waiting for you on the other side than what is here now, ensure that you push through to the end of the tunnel no matter the size of the hole. Do not let the negativity of the world flood your mind, instead point out all the things that you are grateful for each day. If you have a roof over your head, be thankful many do not get to enjoy this privilege. If you have today’s food, enjoy and remember those who do not. If you are still breathing, give thanks, some are dying at the time you are breathing. One problem that most people have, is they tend to concentrate much on what they lack to the point they are blinded to see the much they are privileged to have.

Let us all have a positive outlook of life. Become the inspiring not the condemning. Be among the hopeful and not the desperate. Be the patient and not the impatient. Be thankful in all things and not the disappointed. Spread love among your neighbors through social platforms and not hate. Concentrate on living in harmony with others and not chaos. Be there to support the disadvantaged in any way you can and not undermine them as they are not to blame for their situation, life can be unfair. Above all act responsible in all things, and be caring enough not to put anyone in danger. This is the most critical time that we need to come together and be there for one another, we are much more stronger when we work together. Division brings about failure, pain and suffering. Never think that you are better than everyone else. However, remember, at any point in time each person requires help! Most importantly let us all pray for the world and our nations. Thank you and stay safe!

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