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Life is all about growing and moving from one level to another. There are various types of growth for an individual, it could be spiritual, financial or maturity. Even though the above types affect the aspects of a person’s life, we always tend to concentrate on the financial sector because it mostly affects a huge part on how we live, spend, among many more. Many people find themselves at the same level each time they want to do something better. One problem that most people have is they ruin their day by not setting their morning tone. Many individuals have not realized that their mornings are the main determiners on how they will spend their day ahead. How you spend your day on daily basis is the cultivation of how your future will be. So if you have an habit of ruining each dawn then you might find that you are not growing in any aspect of your life. Time is a precious item that needs to be utilized. Learn on how to manage your time well so that you can always be organized and determined on how you spend your time. There are so many factors that can hinder your growth and they include the following;

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1. You do not plan before

Proper planning prior to an event or rather a situation has got high chances of success. However, in a scenario where you just adopt any plan that comes to mind just because time is catching up with you, you will most certainly fail and realize that you have just wasted your time and sabotaged your results. Planning in advance helps you to notice mistakes that might arise as well as the risks associated thus enabling you to come up with both the solid plan and the back up plan in case the first plan fails. Most individuals stagnate in their lives because they do not put adequate effort in planning how to undertake some steps in their lives, they just wait upon their fate so that they can device a necessary plan.

2. You ignore your alarm

Most people are victims of alarm snoozing. I understand how hard it can be to get out of those warm duvets on a chilly morning. We find ourselves snoozing our alarms each time it rings hoping that we would wake up on the next ring, however, this is not the case, we will eventually hit the snooze button until we find that it is very late and we are still in bed. The moment you hit the snooze button, your body responds positively to not waking up, and thus embracing laziness. Ruining your morning by encouraging sluggishness renders you inactive all day, of which even if you had everything planned out, you will not be able to meet your targets. The reason being you will have impacted negatively on you brain functions thus making it hard to concentrate or rather make sound plans or decisions. If this is an habit of yours, then most certainly you have been wondering why you are not making any progress on any targets that you make. The answer is simple, you have been ruining your days by interrupting how your mind works, not getting adequate sleep as a result of consecutive snoozes and by also rendering yourself feeling drowsy all day long. As a result, your productivity falls rapidly than expected.

3. You always start your mornings on the internet

I know most people would agree with me that the internet is an addictive platform. However, you would find that people try and wake themselves in the morning by visiting the internet of which is a poor move to make. The risks are you could spend your whole day in the platform or get your mind diverted from the main agenda because you would be processing on what you saw, the comments and what you would want to go back and see. When it comes to maintaining your cognitive focus, you need to be careful how you do it. You have to avoid what could draw away your focus just like the internet. For your mind to be productive and make progress it has to be fully focused on the agenda, so when you invite distractions you will not be able to make any progress at all.

4. You love to postpone/procrastinate

Am quite certain that most of you have heard of the phrase, when you want to do something do it. Even so, I know that most people love to procrastinate their plans. For example, there is this individual that once had a life hanging idea, then he told his friend about it, the friend was so happy for him and encouraged him to pursue and implement the idea, however, despite the friend’s effort to push him to do it, the person kept on postponing it. One day the friend decided to take the idea and implement it, within no time the idea blossomed into a big time that earned him a lot of money. The other person on realizing this, kept regretting on what he did not do when he had the chance. So if you are a victim of procrastination then you should watch out lest you end up struggling on the same level for so long.

5. You never aspire to be different

On many occasions, people usually feel safe following what the masses are doing. However, on many statistics of people who aspire to be different from the others, you realize that they usually succeed in their areas of expertise. The reason for this is that they are able to offer that which other people do not offer. But, when you decide you to follow the masses, you will just be like everybody else, earn like everyone and conduct yourself like everyone of which will not earn you any progress because you will be moving at the pace of everyone else.

6. You embrace the comfort zone

One problem that those individuals who stagnate in life have is the fact that they always embrace the comfort zone. Once they achieve something they become contented with that situation. They no longer make any efforts to move from one point to another because they are satisfied with that which they have achieved. Most prominent entrepreneurs have always aspired to move from one place to another, once they achieve this, they always thirst to hit the next target and that is how they have grown tremendously. For you to witness any progress, then the comfort zone should be a no, no, no to you.

7. You never do research

For you to undertake any project, a lot of necessary research ought to be done. Being eager to learn is what prompts thorough research. Anyone who wants to improve or rather move from one level to another is always thirsty for knowledge and insights on how to meet their targets. Research is what can help you overcome any situation that comes your way thus enabling you to make progress. Many successful people, have libraries in their homes with tons of books. They never tire doing research on daily basis because they have tasted the benefits of proper research. When you want to ameliorate your life, then you should consider reading expansively in order to get useful insights to handle your projects.

8. You do not pay attention to the small details

Being attentive is what can make you a competent individual in any field. Most people who ignore the small details in what they do, do not realize any progress because of their inability to foresee any upcoming mistakes, risks and opportunities to grasp. However, with someone who is keen on every detail they can tell when there are risks involved, when an opportunity arises and when to avoid some mistakes. This enables them to progress in what they do.

9. You dislike thinking out of the box

If you want to move from one level to another then you have to be ready to think outside the box. Come up with something new that will help explore the thinking capacity of your brain. For your brain to work perfectly, it has got to be challenged with new things lest it become dormant because of working on the same things daily. Many people stagnate because they are used to working on the same topic each day thus blocking their minds from accessing other new things that can change their lives for the better.

10. You take corrections negatively

In the fields out there, you cannot control who you meet. For example in a work environment, you tend to interact with your colleagues, be it your boss, partner among others. Take for example, your boss calls you into their office and corrects you on something you were working on, you should appreciate it and work on those faults. However, this is not usually the case to most individuals, most take it as an act of jealousy and an attempt of making them feel bad. Any corrections made and you deem it positive, take it as it is and use it as a tool to grow your career or rather the agenda you were in to.

11. You like to give up easily

Among the friends that we make, we tend to understand their characters and a whole lot of things about them. There are those who are hard working and others are fond of giving up easily. The moment that you surrender, you let go of pursuing your dreams which in turn kills your future as well as your progress.The reason why those who give up easily do not progress much is they do not get the chance to explore and reap the benefits of their projects. There are so many challenges that comes with taking the easy way out. So it is better to be patient and focused on your dreams rather than throwing them away.

12. You do not believe in yourself

If the phrase, you are an enemy of yourself, makes sense then there you have it. You would find people blaming others for what they did not achieve when in the real sense, they are the ones to be blamed. There is nothing as bad as not believing in yourself and expecting others to believe in you because it never works. You will never make any progress unless you start having some faith in yourself that you can do it and that is when things will happen.

13. You always want to please others

There are different types of people who live among us. Some will support you and others will condemn you. Doing everything possible in order to please them will do you more harm than good. Nobody cares for your welfare as much as you do and it is about time you understand that. So that, when you try and make efforts to please anyone else instead of yourself then it is your loss. Those who please others have no time for personal growth but waste their time getting others to like them for who they are not.

14. Failure to you is a ruining factor

Most people fear failure and thus fear trying out new things or rather implementing any ideas. They look at failure as something that when you hit, you cannot emerge from. However, to most successful people, failure is a routine or rather a stepping stone to the next level. When you do not succeed then try until you do. If you want to move on, then, adopt a new perspective of looking at failure and not as a monster aimed to swallow you.

15. Blaming others for your mistakes is your portion

Taking responsibility is one of the noble things that successful people are associated with. They do not blame anyone for their mistakes but instead find ways to tackle the mistake and come up with remedies to avoid the same situation in future. Individuals who are used to blaming others do not progress because they pass on their mistakes to others and leave them at it. If you do not own up and face the faults head on, then you will never learn to handle any similar situation once you encounter one.

16. You do not follow your passion

One thing that can make you move from one place to another is the aspect of following your passion. In an article on the tips to finding your passion, you can understand your passion well. Passion is something that interests you, when you have the ability to turn this thing to something that can earn you living, then consider yourself lucky. Only a few people follow their passion, many just work as employees in some jobs that they hate. These category of individuals will make little to no progress in their lives because there are no attempts to grow whatsoever.

17. You love to complain

An individual who loves complaining has a problem moving on from one situation onto another. They love to make an issue out of everything. This type of people always complain about the things they do not have and blame them for shielding them from their goals. These people never utilize what they have at hand because their eyes are focused on what they do not have and that is why they will never be able to attain something or rather hit any target. Focusing on your weaknesses rather than your strengths will never get you anywhere.

18. Nothing motivates you

In an article on the reasons why most people give up on our goals, you are able to find lack of motivation towards the goal as one of the reasons. On many occasions, people have no valid reason or rather a pushing factor on why they want to achieve something. And, when times become harder there is nothing that can hold them back from letting go. Learn to have a solid reason, for example, maybe so that you can get your family out of poverty. These are people who are close to you and you keep them at heart, which makes it more of a valid reason because you will settle at nothing until you get your family out of the poverty situation.

19. You love the easy way out

Most people love the easy way out when there is none actually. In order to make it, you have to put in some effort, time and determination. Looking for a easy way out means you are not ready to put in any effort and that is why many easily fail.

20. You do not have a mentor

In order to move to greater heights, you need someone to always look up to and follow their steps. This will help you maintain your focus and spirits at per and rid yourself of any thoughts that can cause you to quit because you are certain enough that there are people who have made it before you. However, in the lack of a mentor, you just tend to follow nobody aimlessly and you might just stumble on something and fall, the chances of giving up are also high because you have thoughts of uncertainty on whether you will make it or fail.

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