If you were to be asked today, what is that thing that would make you happy and contented? Most people would give answers like being rich and famous.

People are blurred from the big picture, they never think outside the box. The reason for this is, if you encounter any person who is rich and famous and ask them the same question, their answer would differ from the initial. Most would say, being with my family others say who I am and among many more responses.

With wealth and fame, life still has to continue and you have to have something that will aid you to bounce back when disappointments hit you. There are those times when you could feel so low and the riches around you would not comfort you. Life is not simple but neither would I say it is complicated. With the right mind and attitude you can achieve a simple fulfilled life.

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Each individual in life takes a different course in life, some take various profession and on the way the realize that they are on the wrong path of life and thus change their course and perspective so that they can achieve that which they want. All these in an attempt to live a happier life.

Your life is not all about being wealthy and famous, it goes much further than that. It requires calculated steps, a positive mindset a brave person and many more, all the other material things can vanish, would you choose to be happy then. Of course not, you have to find a counter plan as you stay positive.

Below are the ways that you can live your life simply and with fulfillment;

1.Building good relationships

These relationships include family, friends, and acquaintances. Life feels so good when you have those who can shower you with love no matter what. Most of these individuals are among the ones who stay behind to comfort you when everyone has left you during adversity. At all costs, ensure that you maintain close relationships with those who add value to your life, the people who support and appreciate you always.

Families, friends and allies help to maintain your social networks, they help you live the life that you deserve while interacting with them knowing that you can fall back on them when things go a little haywire. To any sane individual, there is nothing as priceless as having those close to you watching you back.

Without good relationships, life can turn out to be so lonely and even with a lot of wealth and other material things you can never experience fulfilling happiness, there will always be a void in you. Your health can start to deteriorate because you are suffering inwardly.

If you want to be a step closer to your happiness, then ensure that you keep and maintain good relationships with those who are close to you, value you, respect you and appreciate because they help you find a meaning in life.

2.Do not allow the world around you to determine your life

Life is full of different people and cultures that will always have an opinion of what is good for you, how to achieve success and how to be happy. It is good to always have a stand and know your passion so that you do not end up following other people’s opinions on what you should do.

There is nothing good that comes with not having your stand, because everybody will be trying to make you live a life as they want and not as you want, which will render you more confused and lost. Take for example a young kid who just started school, within no time this kid will know what they want to be when they grow up. However, due to the family they were born into (doctors and surgeons), the kid will be influenced and encouraged into pursuing medicine. Which is a good career, but the kid’s aspirations will be distorted. In the end, the kid will be lost in a career that they do not want which can lead to depression among many other consequences.

Following your stand and purpose applies to all sectors in life and not only academic wise. Listening to yourself means that you understand who you are and your aspirations. And, once you achieve them, you will be feeling much more satisfied and happy with yourself and your efforts.

3.Use your time to understand yourself

Without all the noise, issues, topics and solutions that you have to encounter in this life, instead when you feel like you are clueless on the path to follow, what you want and that which makes you happy, find the opportunity to delve in silence and do some self analysis and evaluation on how you want your life to turn out and how you gonna go about. This will play a key role in helping you understand what suits you and what does not.It also aids in helping you feel contented by understanding that which your mind, body and soul aches for and also learning to fulfill that which you aspire for.

Life can be complicated if you allow yourself to delve into it when you really do not understand that which you want. Not knowing what yo want can lead to consecutive failures as well as several try outs in different fields which could lead to time wastage and a possibility of giving up easily.

To avoid all the above, find yourself and contemplate on the best options that suit you regarding what you wanna do with your life. Life is an opportunity to enjoy, thus you do not want to screw it up. Fulfillment comes when you know that you are doing that which you are willing and happy to do.

4.Have a positive mindset

Always decide to look at the best in people and your surrounding. During the times of adversity, have hope that you are going to get through everything and emerge out as a winner. Keep it in mind that at times some hard times happen so that they can pave way to more better things. Having a positive mindset helps you to overcome even the hardest battle and never give up. Take for example the following individuals 1 and 2, who were asked in an interview;

Interviewer; Hello 1, do you know how to operate a computer?

Individual 1; Actually sir, I do not like computers, and do not think I will ever be able to operate one.

Interviewer; Hello 2, do you know how to operate a computer?

Individual 2; No sir, but with adequate effort I will be able to operate one in no time.

Individual 2 with a positive mindset can easily learn to operate a computer, however, individual 1 even if subjected to intensive computer learning will never have a chance at knowing to operate a computer. The reason behind this, is the willingness in both individuals.

Well, aside from the above, a positive mindset has got a great toll when it comes to your happiness and fulfillment because, you have the ability to achieve happiness anytime any day with positivity. Even a small achievement gets you contented and motivated to aspire for more. The hope that you put in every situation helps to shun you away from getting affected by what might be going on in your life.

Seeing the best in everything renders you happy all the time, you are never prone to disappointments, unlike the negative individuals.

5.Do what you want to do and not what you have to do

People chase riches all year round because that is is what they have to do in order to pay bills, eat and make purchases. This will not give you happiness and contentment because you will never get enough of it, it is an endless journey that has to be pursued for as long as you are still paying the bills. However, have you ever asked yourself the fact that there are ways that you can turn your passion into something so profitable.

There are plenty of knowledge that you can acquire when it comes to finding your passion and turning it into something profitable. Then, you will have achieved a double goal, because, many people aspire to have a passion that can generate income.

Having the opportunity to pursue your passion in a profitable way is among the most amazing things one can have and also brings about happiness and fulfillment.

An individual’s mind can be at most productive when they are doing that which they want to and not what they have to. This is because doing what you have to is a forced task which you might not even like. On the other hand, what you want to is out of will and love.

Am not saying that riches and other material things are not important but if you have the chance to pursue what you love profitably then take that opportunity and maximize it.

6.Be there for others

Despite the fact that you could be stable in your life and you are living just fine, there are so many other people out there that do not have much, they lack shelter, food and clothing and depend on your kindness so that they can keep going.

It does not mean that you have to offer them material things, (you can if you want to), it means even the little things that you can do for them is a great thing to them. Learn to smile and comfort those who are on the verge of breaking down, hug an individual who feels lonely and unloved, share an umbrella when it is raining with one that does not have any and share a meal with an individual who seems hungry.

For those who have ever shown their kindness, they can attest to the fact that the feeling that comes with lending a hand to those who need is so fulfilling and thrilling.

Always aspire to make somebody else smile and it will get you happy too.

7.Worry less

Worrying a little bit is inevitable for each individual, however, too much of it, can be toxic. When you allow yourself to let go of the things that do not add much value in your life, you are able to see more of the positive than negative. Before you happen to worry about something, contemplate about it first, ask yourself whether the problem is worth brooding about and if so, does the worrying help?

Most people have become victims of worrying, but despite their worry, there are no problems solved. It is good to worry when you already have a strategy in place on how to handle what you are worrying about. However, when you know there is nothing you can do about the situation you are fretting about, that is just a waste of time and energy.

Worrying with a plan and strategy helps you to fret less, and aids you in promoting your focus and determination in handling what you are capable of handling and leaving that which is out of your control. You can only be more happier and satisfied when you are able to handle those problems that have been bothering you, however, worrying a lot brings about grief and dissatisfaction.

9.Always put yourself first

Each and every individual should always put themselves as priority by saying yes to their goals and dreams, by practicing self care and learning to deny that which does not add value to their life.

All these starts when you love yourself and understand your value. In this way, you will never settle for less nor allow anyone to disrespect you at all. Without putting yourself at the forefront, you will always put your happiness at stake for the sake of other things. People will trample on you, their opinions about you will get to you and thus leading to things like depression and rise in the stress levels.

However, when you know that you deserve the best, you give yourself the chance to pursue your dreams, you are able to stand by your principles, listen to your heart and demand respect from those around you. All the above gives you the satisfaction and happiness that you need life.

10.Be who you are

Well, for those who think that happiness is found in the material things, they are far from the point. Mostly happiness is found when you become the best version of yourself, not relying on the outer things but ensuring that your inner being is intact.

Take for example wearing very expensive attire, yes, this can change your appearance but not your inner being. If you are adamant in changing yourself, then aspire to work on your inner being rather than the outer appearance. Even with nice shoes, in the mirror you will never appear as a different individual, just the same but with different attire.

Finding happiness comes from within, and that is what most individuals have no clue about. They try seeking for happiness on the external things that the world offers them, not realizing that such happiness is short lived as a result of setbacks that can hit them any time. However, happiness from within is hard to be shattered because it is a choice made from the heart to be happy no matter the situations in life. This type of happiness can only be harnessed when you remain true to yourself, since you understand your real self and appreciate all your flaws and perfections with contentment.

11.Never expect anything back from anyone

There are so many disappointments that one can experience as a result of things not working well for them. Many at times, you put so much trust in people close to you thinking they always have your back, however that is not always the case. To avoid such setbacks in life, you need to learn to expect less from other people.

Those people who have ever offered assistance to someone they thought to be close/friend/family and a time came when you needed their help but they turned a blind eye on you, can relate to this context. It is expected of you to think that they will help you just like you did them, but they end up disappointing you.

With higher expectations, the higher the disappointments, however, with less expectations, the lower the disappointments. And as a result, you will be more happy and contented with self rather than depending so much on those you are not certain whether they will fulfill their bargain.

12.Have a balanced life away from the gadgets

I know the 21st century does not help much in fulfilling this aspect, however despite all the available phone accessories and computers you ought to have a balanced living.

Learning to manage your surrounding and developing a plan on when to handle emails helps in enabling you to do a self analysis, to improve your social life and boost your family relationships which are among the most important things in your life.

Allowing gadgets to control you promotes stressful situations as a result of the pressure it puts on you in order to deliver as expected by most bosses. The current technology makes you available at all times and if you are not careful you could get hooked up to your gadgets the whole time. Managing these external factors helps you to live a life full of appreciations, gratitude and well spent with loved ones. Well, what else can give you more satisfaction than these.

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13.Let go of grudges

Letting go of grudges is one of the things that most people have been struggling with and have hindered them from unraveling happiness within. Holding on to the resentment populates the negative feeling leading to stress and thus adverse health issues.

Learning to forgive despite how hard it can be is much more satisfying than pique. When you let go, you are able to claim back the freedom you needed to pave way for happiness.

Grudges hurt you more and does not provide any consolation to you for what the other party did to you. Learn to focus on your well being and let the past remain in the past. Deal with what is at hand and move on.

14.Learn to always show gratitude

Learn to appreciate and be contented with what you already have. When you concentrate on the things that you are privileged to have, you have a chance to make those few things useful in an attempt to gain more.

However, always complaining on what you lack,nothing good actually comes out of it. You will never utilize what is at hand because you look at inadequacy or rather develop a negative mindset towards the little that you have.

Learn to set goals and once you achieve them, thrive in the moment and enjoy your victory. In this life, you will never stop seeking money, however, the most important thing is to learn to appreciate your efforts as you seek out riches. Continued searching with no gratitude renders you greedy.

Gratitude opens up your world into considering those who do not have shelter, food nor clothing and to realize that you have more reasons to be grateful for that which you have. This brings about happiness since you start learning to be more contented and appreciative.

Final thought

Being contented with life is what each individual aspires for. Life would be so much easier for you if you adopted the above values.



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