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Time management is the key factor to achieving your goals and plans however, it is also the most difficult thing to keep up with because once lost it can never be recovered. Most individuals tend to find themselves using their time for things they had not planned for just for the sake of living in the moment. Especially for someone who has a busy schedule or one trying to figure out their lives, they gotta utilize their time accordingly in order to enjoy or rather feel contented on how they have spent their time. There is nothing that stings as much as losing precious time doing things that you had planned for at the expense of constructive activities that you had scheduled for. Time management for an individual contributes to career success and reduces stress hence its importance. Below are the key points to consider in order to manage time effectively.

1. Designing a system that suits you

Am quite certain that each individual is well conversant with how their bodies function. To achieve effective time management you need to come up with a plan that is friendly to you. Do not just try ways that worked for somebody else because they are good at managing their time, who said that those systems will work for you like they did them? You need to understand that you are a totally different individual. This is where most people fail, they just opt to copy other people’s ways yet they do not even understand how these individuals function. If you are active in the mornings then ensure that in your time management plan, most tasks fall during this period as your concentration is at its peak.

2. Ensure your goals are SMART

Another aspect to achieving proper time management is generally by setting goals. Make a decision on what you want to achieve or do at a certain time frame. This will help improve your determination and focus thus less time wastage. On comparing an individual who works with certain goals and another with no goals, one knows their purpose and aim while the later works aimlessly with no recorded achievements. Goals that are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely are what individuals should aim for.

3. Spend minimum time on social media

However good social media is, it is actually the highest time consuming platform that is why for great time managers, they set a time constraint on the hours they spent on social media. This platform is very addictive and if you do not watch out you will spend your whole day in Facebook, twitter, Instagram among other platforms. Learning to minimize the time spent on these platforms is a step closer to effective time management.

4. Be organized

Prioritize your time well and be very discipline about it. Respect your plan for the day and develop it as a habit. There is no point in planning schedules that you are not going to abide by. Try as much as possible to see to it that your work is per the schedule and ensure that your schedule is flexible enough for adjustments if necessary. An organized individual has got high chances utilizing their time well unlike a reckless one.

5. Do not be too hard on yourself

You only become strict on yourself when you try being someone you are not by trying to fit other people’s schedules into your life. As much as you are trying to manage your time, do it in a way that will not suffocate you to the point that the next minute you will be so worn out. Set targets that you know you can attain then you can grow gradually to the top.

6. Find time to relax

You do not have to be a workaholic to be an effective time manager. In fact most research show that individuals who do not find time to take a break from their work are quite the poor time managers, because they lack a balance of life. Plan your time in such a way that it covers all the aspects in your life, everything does not have to entail work all day long, you gotta stay fit and find time for your hobbies lest you be overwhelmed with too much work resulting in stress. Allowing your mind to take a break is not a form of weakness but a sign that you care about your well being and as far as you want to indulge in work, you gotta find time for yourself.

7. Indulge in some physical exercises

In every aspect of life, exercise is recommended. For proper body functioning, good health, proper concentration and focus exercise is essential. When it comes to proper brain functioning, adequate blood and oxygen flow can boost it thus the need for exercise. Exercise also help relieve you of stress hence improving brain activity. An individual that feels dormant cannot effectively manage their time because they tend to become tired easily and at times even not able to come up with sound plans on how to manage their work.

8. Do a thorough self assessment

Adequate self evaluation is key when it comes to time management. You can never be able to properly manage your time if you do not understand yourself well. You need to know your weaknesses and strengths all at your palm so that you can easily prioritize your work. Some individuals are quite active in the morning, others in the afternoon and some in the evening. Tasks that require thorough concentration and focus should be scheduled for when you are very active considering how well you comprehend how you function and those that require less effort placed when you feel your focus is average. This is how you ensure you complete tasks within short periods with no stress.

9. Plan in advance

To avoid rushing and too much stress, you ought to plan ahead. Tomorrow’s work should be planned for, today. Planning for tasks ahead will enable you to prepare well for what you will be doing the next day. When you do not plan ahead, confusion will creep in since you will not be able to settle on which tasks to start with first, what will follow and what to be done later. During this period you will be wasting a lot of precious time trying to figure out what to do. Planning in advance is the key to proper time utilization.

10. Avoid multitasking

Often, most people would love to do a diverse amount of work to consider themselves to have achieved something. However, in the end they always appear worn out and having completed less. Proper time management is exercised only when you concentrate on one task at a time, because you will be overworking your brain once you subject it to massive work at a time. For that one task that you decide to concentrate on, you will be able to realize that you have done it perfectly and within a short time and that is when you can now embark on other tasks. One an easily manage their time well when they decide to complete one task at a time.

11. Get adequate sleep

Sleep is one of the key factors in time management. Adequate sleep ensures that your brain is very fresh in the morning. An active brain is key to completing your tasks on time, high concentration and focus, proper planning, excellent decision making and excellent thinking capacity. All the above parameters ensure that you can plan your work wisely, you can easily come up with ideas regarding your tasks and consequently you will need shorter periods to complete the things planned for. For an adult, 8 hours of sleep is recommended.

12. Utilize your time with what interests you

When it comes to career choices, ensure that you have chosen wisely. Whatever you do should be aligned with where you see yourself in the future, what you won’t get tired of doing in times to come. Be vigilant not to choose what will bore you in a matter of days, find something exciting for yourself. Time mismanagement arises when you waste your time doing what you never wanted to and realizing it later. All that time you wasted can never be recovered. Only time can be managed well when you indulge in what will build you in the future.


Time management is something that most people have been trying to work on with no success however, if you are dedicated enough you can achieve it. I hope the above key tips will be able to help you in one way or another.

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