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Dating/courtship is a very wide and somewhat complicated subject to most individuals in the real life. At times, you commit to a relationship which ends abruptly before you start figuring out how to go about with your partner. For some people, they just consider dating a trial and error thing before they fully commit. However, if you do this, I do not think you will ever get experienced in any way because you do not take it seriously. Besides this, you will be toying with someone else feelings because you are taking them for granted.

In case you are still stuck somewhere as a man, then it could be that there are things you haven’t quite figured out that the ladies/women want. This article offers some insight on what most women expect from the men they are dating, engaged to or planning and even married to.

What women expect from their men include the following;

1. A man who reminds them that they are loved.

The term I Love You, does carry a heavy and awesome feeling when a woman is told. The satisfaction that comes with it brings great assurance in the relationship. Most men, once they have started dating someone, they think it is a guarantee for a woman to know that they are loved, well that is where you are wrong and where most men fail in. How should a woman know that they are treasured if they are not reminded. Once a man stops reminding a lady they are in a relationship with how much they are valued, then they start to feel lonely in the relationship. And if this happens, then most certainly someone else who does not forget to say “I love you” to them creeps in and within no time they will choose the other person.

2. A man full of surprises.

Who doesn’t love surprises? They are really refreshing especially when it comes from the one you love/ loves you. Most women do love men who walk into the house and say, “hey honey, I have something for you,” It does not matter whether it is cheap or expensive, a surprise is surprise and it melts the hearts of most ladies. Surprises act as spices in any relationship and makes it more fun. Without surprises it is as if you are re-living the same moment on daily basis which is actually so boring. Imagine eating plain food with no ingredients, so gross right?

3. A man who understands them.

There is nothing as valuable as understanding your woman/lady/girl. When you understand them, you would know their need before they even ask among other things. As far as am concerned a man who understands their woman does not ask their women questions like, “Honey do you need me? the answer to this is very simple, Yes, they need help with cooking, laundry, dishes, groceries among other household chores. Even when they can handle the work by themselves, trying to help shows enough understanding, caring and concern. If they got it just try and help, better they turn you down rather than not helping at all. Ladies need to be pampered so that they do not feel abandoned.

4. A man who appreciates their efforts.

As a man learn to be appreciative to your partners. When you cannot help, then learn to give gratitude. If your girl cooks for you, does your laundry among any other chores then appreciate them. Being appreciative brings them motivation to even do more for you because they feel that you notice their work. Learning to say thank you for every little deed that your woman does plays a great deal in the relationship and shows them that they are not dating a reckless man.

5. A straightforward person.

If you are someone’s man then act like it. You need to have the ability to correct them where you feel they have messed up, if you feel there is something you do not like then man up to it and tell your girl. Do not tolerate something that could compromise our relationship in future. It is good to be open to each other.

6. An individual who is true to themselves.

Ladies love men who embrace themselves not those who pretend to be someone they are not. Do not put yourself in a standard that does not suit you. When your girl met you, they loved you for who you are, and if you are gonna start acting differently then any lady would call it quits until you figure out who you are. However, if they met you posing as someone else, then you might as well consider keeping it up or coming clean to your lady, because it is just a matter of time before they become bored.

7. A man who gives them attention.

As far as your work and stuff is concerned, am sure your girl understands that, however, they also need to be allocated their time. Do not so busy for your girl, spend time with her telling stories, reminding yourselves of the good times in the past, taking a walk together in the park, taking her to surprise/planned date, going to movies and even planning for your future. The list is endless so I would rather you give time to your partner and choose any activity that you would both enjoy. Read more on how to manage your time.

8. A man who supports their dreams.

As a man if you understand your girl well then you should know what their goals and visions are. Ask your partner about how they are gonna go about their goals and am sure they will be happy to fill you in on what they are planning to do. You can as well decide to surprise them with something in line with their goals among others. This small gesture shows that you support their goals and dreams and you will easily win their heart.

9. A man who engages them in their future plans.

Most ladies would know that you are serious with them when you engage them in your future plans. Tell them what you want to do with your life and when the time is right you can use “Us” when you are talking about some plans. Assuring them that they are included in the plans makes them feel valued.

10. A focused man.

Show them that you do not just speak but act. Whatever plans you have sited to them, show them that you are making an attempt to achieve them. Ladies dislike men who are lazy.

11. A trustworthy man.

Women love men who are true to their words. Trust is earned, earn the trust of your ladies, be faithful to them, do not make fake promises, always be their for your girl. All these summed up makes a lady to trust you. If there is no trust in a relationship, then I do not think there exist a relationship.


A relationship is a commitment that needs time and energy. You need to invest in it for it to blossom. It is just like a plant that needs water and sunlight in order to grow. Nurture your relationships well and you will not be dissapointed.

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