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Life has got its ups and downs and you ought to be strong in each season of it. However, if you begin to harbour negative thoughts then your chances of moving from one level to another diminishes. The sample of the toxic thoughts below, covers most of what has been inhibiting you from achieving the goals you got.

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1. “What will people say?”

Well, are you trying to please anyone? If no, then why talk about what they will think. This is your life, get a hold of it and live it well. Do not try and make it whole about other people, because they will never add any values to it. The only person you should live to please is yourself. Ensure that the kind of life you have, is what others can emulate from, not what you put out there to be judged and criticized. Thriving to make others happy, inhibits you from living up to your dreams but those of other people.

2. “I cannot achieve this!”

Then who can? Do not downgrade your abilities. Always try and be a motivation to yourself. Be proud of who you are and remember that you are unique in the best way possible. You can be certain not to achieve anything if you keep throwing yourself in the trash. You can rest assured that if you get rid of this kind of mentality, you will realize that you are much more capable of even achieving things you never thought of.

3. “I cannot fit in that group because am not of their caliber”

Playing victim and not standing up for yourself shatters your confidence. People will trample over you when they see you cowering your tail. Biologically you do not have a tail, however you ought to thrive in confidence. This is one way people will respect you, associate with you, share ideas with you and many other goodies. Who wouldn’t want this?

4. “I hate my life”

Fortunately you are stuck with you, so that you can change it to the better. However, with that kind of attitude, you could remain stuck forever. Many struggle with the phrase, and you would find them complaining how their life suck. Well, isn’t it obvious! your perspective is what is dragging you down. Change this, and things ill be much better. You will not give up easily, you will believe in yourself more and you will achieve those goals you have been eyeing.

5. “Most people are doing okay, it is just me who is behind”

The act of comparison, mmmh… what did you expect, for people to sit around and gasp at others’ achievements? Drop this already and start on working to make your life better. Comparison kills the urge to work for the best. All you see are other individuals far much ahead of you, leaving you wondering ho you will catch up with them, yet you are not making any steps.

6. “I will never have friends, nobody wants me’

The fear of rejection will not get you any new opportunities nor better friends. The though of nobody wants you alone, destroys your self confidence, self esteem and self growth. You will lack the confidence to be free with people, since at the back of your mind you already believe no one wants you. Your self esteem is also probably below average that is you got such negative thoughts. Finally, your self growth is swept under the drain because you cannot grasp new opportunities as the fear of rejection looms over your head. Work on your self esteem and it will help you fight such toxic thoughts.

7. “I will never amount to anything in this life”

How terrible is it that you have already proclaimed your future in a bad way! If you are not careful, such thoughts will begin to take control of your life. You have to realize that you are alive for a purpose, not for nothing, otherwise you wouldn’t be here. Every individual has the power to control their mind, do not let it tell you, “you are not good enough”. Feed it with the right values and you will see yourself catapult from one level to another.

8. “No one has ever made in my family, so will I”

I usually consider people who think on the first part of the line lucky. Why, because they have the power to change the poverty line in their family. They could be the first ones to make a difference, awesome right. However, most bring about the second part of the statement. They begin to include themselves in the group of people who won’t make it. A solution to this is to find a way to make every problem you face in life a motivation. Take for example if someone thought this way, “since no one ever made it in my family, I want to be the first one”. Wouldn’t the world be a better place?

9. “I regret not doing this or that……..”

As far as I am concerned, regret has never been a catalyst to success. Regret only brings about guilt and wallowing in sorrow. Rue should not be in any part of your mind if you are planning on doing better things. The reason is, it destroys any steps towards triumph.

10. “My past…….”

Unless the ending of the above sentence is strengthens me, motivates me or inspires me, then you should complete it. However, it is all about negativity, hold that thought! Life should be all about inspirations and passing positive energy. Anything that is there to drag you down should not be part of you. Do not cling to a past that has nothing to do with the best of your future.


Toxic thoughts in any individual’s life hinders a lot of accomplishments. You can never be able to make sound steps when your mind is clouded by negative thoughts. Always find a place in you to incorporate some hope, a taste of optimism, a pinch of positivity and a whole lot of happiness.


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