There are so many versions of people that are considered to be smart. However, to most people smart to them is being able to lead in a subject or a class. They just gauge as per an individual’s academic performance when in real sense being smart is far much greater than academics. To be considered as smart, there are so many aspects that have to be analysed. It depends on how well you can make sound decisions, your ability to solve problems and how well you can interact with others among so many other factors.

Every individual aspires to be smart. Here are some of the tips that you can adopt in order to increase your intelligence.

1.Think and listen before you talk

Talking is not a bad thing, but you ought to internalize first what you want to put across. Ask yourself, if what comes out of your mouth will hurt another person, will it bring a positive impact on the situation at hand, or rather if it is something that will make you proud of self once you have spoken. Intelligent people do not just talk, they assess what they want to say first. They are also very great listeners because they are always attempting to grasp something of value for themselves from what the other party is saying.

2.Read a lot of books and many other materials to keep expanding your knowledge

To be intelligent, ensure that you are always curious to learn more. Most intelligent people never get comfortable with what they know, they always want to learn more and be better each day. The moment you begin to get comfy with little knowledge, you are letting your wisdom to plummet.

3.Always derive lessons from your failures

One important aspect that most people never realize with smart people is that they never give up. The reason for this is they never allow failure to define them and shatter their dreams, but they rather learn from the mistakes they make. They clearly understand that the moment they give in to the mistakes and failures they make, they will never grow and thus impacts negatively in their lives. Life is never smooth even for the smart people, it depends on the perspective that you choose to view life.

4.Have a sound plan on each action

Most smart individuals usually come up with plans for every step or action they take. They understand that plans are what makes actions successful. They have a plan on how to achieve a goal, how to handle mistakes in case they happen and a fall back plan that will help them get back on track. So if you aspire to be smart, for each action that you take ensure that you have a plan for it, do not just follow the crowd trying to prove yo know what you are doing.

5.Never cling to the past

Smart people know that the past can bring an individual down. They understand that revisiting past mistakes can hinder you from making another attempt. A past full of failures to most people is what has been hindering them from achieving what they want, they become so scared of making another attempt because they never believe they can win. Such factors are what intelligent people never cling to, they find ways to solve problems at hand and keep forging ahead.

6.Never be mindful of other people’s negative opinions

There are so many things that surrounds an individual and you gotta choose what to take in. Never allow the negativity of others get to you, just heed to those who support you and the things that add value to your life. If you want to be smart, grasp that which is essential to you and ignore that which is bound to bring you down.

7.Be around the people who challenge you

If you wanna be smart, hang around smart people. The people that challenge what you know help you grow and develop the thirst to learn more, thus increasing your intelligence. However, if you hang around those that do not make you smarter, you will begin to be comfortable with the little you know, thus poor growth.

8.Set higher targets and dare to achieve them

Never allow yourself to set a goal that you are sure you are going to achieve. This will never add to your growth because as soon as you achieve them, you switch to comfort zone and it gives you the perception that you know everything, which is not good for you at all. Setting higher targets challenges your abilities and potential thus you will go an extra mile to ensure that you achieve those that seem impossible to you.

9.Develop passion in the things you see will better your life

The greatest revelation you can ever get is that the sooner you develop a liking in something you know will add value to your life you will go far. There are so many things that an individual likes doing, however some are done for fun while others as a profession. Differentiate the two and begin to also like those that can stabilize your finances so that you do not stay poor chasing something that is meant to be done for fun. Smart people develop passion towards the things that can better their lives also, aside the things they like to do for fun. Doing this will help you learn more in an attempt to make things work well for you.

10.Feed your mind with the right content

Smart people understand that the mind is the most essential part of the body that needs to be steered in the right direction of life and there is no other way to do it than to feed it with the right content. Positive energy, hope, and the right attitude is what each individual should focus their minds on. Attempt to eliminate all that which can destruct your mind from the end goal. Doing this enables you to focus and be determined towards being successful in all aspects of your life.



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