Love is the most beautiful thing that one can experience. However, even if the love you have so someone else is so strong and the relationship does not seem to be worthwhile, then it has to be ended. The following are some of the things that should never be tolerated;

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1.An individual that does not support your goals

Your goals are very important just like your partner’s goals. You should never compromise your dreams for the sake of a relationship. If your partner does not show any support for your dreams then you have no reason to keep being in the relationship. Read on; Characteristics of an emotionally abusive relationship.

2.One who manipulates you into doing you do not like

Everything that you do should be out of good will. If you happen to have a partner that makes you engage in something you do not like doing then they do not deserve your time. You do not want anyone pushing you around, you deserve to make decisions for yourself without anyone’s manipulation.

3.One who wants to separate you from friends and family

Besides your relationship, there are also other people that you would want to visit and spend time with for example, friends and family members. If your partner has a tendency of questioning you a lot when you go out with family or friends, then that is a big red flag that you should look out for. Never allow someone to control you to the point that you no longer have time with your friends nor family.

4.Overly jealous individual

This is an individual that aims at suffocating you. They want to always be informed of every move that you make. Whoever you call, whoever you are with and wherever you are at all times. However, do not mistake jealousy for caring. You can easily differentiate a jealous person from a caring individual.

5.An individual who is overly protective of their gadgets from you

Have you ever been in a relationship where your partner guards their gadgets with their life? They never put it down thinking that you might pick up their phones. This people give you all the reasons to doubt them. Because it becomes evident that they are hiding something that they would not want you knowing. Most cheating cases are realized with people who behave this way.

6.One who hides your relationship

Does your partner always aims at keeping your relationship a secret? Even when you are out with friends your partner does not make it known that you are in a relationship with? Well, this is not a good hint at all, there are so many conclusions that you can make out of this of which all are not good. A person who is proud of you being their partner does not make your affair a secret. However, am not saying that they need to display your relationship all over the social media but at least some people should know that you two are in a relationship.

7.One who shouts at you and treats you unfairly

Never aspire to be with an individual who feels as though they know everything. This person will always yell at you like a child because they think that you are not their equal. A relationship should always entail fairness and treating each other with respect. Never tolerate disrespect from your partner. If you feel that he/she is not treating you as expected, then it is about time you call it quits.

8.A person who juxtaposes you with others

Among the daily rules of life for anyone, one of the key points is to stop comparing yourself with others. If you have been working to improve yourself on daily basis, am certain that you stopped doing comparisons. A person who does this to you in a relationship aids in lowering your self esteem and thus decreasing your personal growth and development.

9.One who checks out and admires others

There is nothing as hurting as having your partner checking out other people as you walk with them. This red flag should never be tolerated at all. It depicts some signs of cheating, of which should not be ignored. Check; How to know your partner is cheating.

10.One who disrespects you by criticizing you before others

Respect in a relationship is very necessary. Boundaries need to be adhered to. A partner who criticizes you before your friends shows that they do not respect you nor care about your feelings. And, a partner who does that seems to enjoy hurting you at all costs. You need to cut them off if you start witnessing these traits.


Never stoop too low to the point of allowing someone to walk on you. Understand your value at all times, set boundaries and standards. Nobody can disrespect you when you are well aware of your worth.



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