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In my previous article on how to deal with a break up,I did not get a chance to touch on the things that should not be done after a break up. Am not judging, but most people after a break up usually engage in things that will leave them regretting once they have moved on. Some of these things include the following;

1. Seeking revenge

During an heart break, there are a whole lot of bad things you would want to do to your partner for hurting you. Seeking revenge would not help you move on, it would worsen things for you because you will come to regret what you did. Just make an attempt to forgive them and move on while focusing on yourself.

2. Satisfying your sexual needs with your ex

Sleeping with your ex should be the first on your NO list. Do not stoop too low to the point of sleeping with them. It was their decision to leave you, so do not try sleeping with them even if they come begging because am quite sure they will still find a reason to ditch you. Gather your dignity and move on. Am quite sure you do not want to be with someone who does not value you.

3. Misusing drugs

Heart break is so painful to the point that some would try taking their refuge in drugs. Drugs get you high and yes you might forget about the things that stressed you at that time, however, once they wear off you will still need to face the same problems you escaped from. Apart from that, you will have horrible hangovers and if you do not watch you might end up an addict. It is better to face problems as they are but not try finding ways that could ruin you.

4. Begging for them to be with you

If they left you then it means they do not cherish your value and if you keep running after them seeking reconciliation then it could mean you do not also know your value. Besides this, you will end up feeling humiliated and rejected if they turn down your offer. Know your worth and move on and they will be regretting for leaving such an independent, inspiring, happy and focused individual.

5. Conversing with your ex

At no point should you give in to the thoughts of texting or calling your ex however tempting they may be. Accept that things are over between you two, learn to adapt that you got yourself now. Conversing with your ex will also act as a barrier for you not to move on because at the back of your mind you would want to go back to how things used to be. You might also get humiliated because the person in question would not pick your calls or text back, which will cause you more hurt.


Some of the things that we do after a break up do us more harm than good. You need to learn to let go of those who do not treasure you in their lives and associate yourself with those who cherish your presence. In order to move on, you also need to release the grudge that you have on your ex for causing you the pain that you now experience.

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