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As an individual what do you always live by, what gives you motivation on daily basis and what most defines you? There are so many things that an individual can gain their motivation from. For example, if you were to ask an individual what keeps you going on daily basis? Some would say money others family, the individual whose source of motivation is family will always keep going, however, for those who say money, they can have all the material things but luck love and happiness.

As a person you need to choose the values that which can help you in life to achieve your goals, make the right actions, reach your potential and live the best version of you. The following are some of those values that are essential in a person’s life;

1.Physical and mental well being

Staying healthy at all times should be each person’s priority. Whenever you are healthy you are able to give your best in everything. Aspiring to always stay healthy makes you become more cautious in what you consume and the daily activities like exercising you need to engage in to always be healthy.Learn to always treasure your health so that your ways of living can go in line with living healthy. When this happens, your body as well as your brain will function more effectively thus better results in anything you decide to venture into.

2.To be happy

Happiness is the most important aspect in an individual’s life. Happiness comes about when you have overcome the negative feelings in your life and it does not only contribute to being healthy but also enables you to achieve your goals and dreams. Happiness is from within, you can feel happy when you choose to be happy from the heart. In most cases, you would find that a happy person, progresses faster in life because they always find so many things to be thankful for, they give gratitude for the little they have thus finding motivation to keep working harder to get more. Another important aspect of being happy is you get to transfer that happiness to others, you have the ability to help change someone’s mood to the better. Your happy mood becomes contagious thus having a positive impact on other people’s live.

3.Family and those close to you

This one of the biggest motivation to many people. Some would want to be successful so that they can bring their families out of unpleasant situation. Or just so that they can be role models to their children. Family should be the most important aspect to every individual as it gives a sense of belonging as well as offers support in any situation that you can face. Friends also help push you into achieving the goals and dreams that you have set. Putting family and friends among your top values, you are able to get motivation to overcome situations, you can achieve your dreams and goals and you get to enjoy the life that you have much better knowing that you are surrounded by people who love you unconditionally.

4.The art of helping others

In the article, the importance of random acts of kindness, you get to learn on the so many ways that you can better someone’s day. The peace and satisfaction that comes about when you help those who need your help is priceless. Most people at times, give or rather help those in need with the expectation of getting something in return, when the most important act is when you are not expecting anything back. Helping others helps to strengthen your personal values as an individual and as well gives you sense in life. When you have that sense, you get purpose and with all these you can make a positive impact in yours and others life.

5.Being in harmony with yourself and others

Having peace in your life means more focus and determination. Most people would do anything to have a peace of mind, because there are so many things you can do better when you have peace. Peace can be the source of your joy, a state in which you feel that everything is awesome, you are satisfied and feeling happy both physically and in the inside. Without peace everything gets ruined even if you never intended for it happen. You get upset for no reason, hate start to build up and you begin to attract sadness on daily basis. It is essential to always find a way to attain a state where you are in harmony with yourself and others.

6.Honesty and self discipline

Have you ever asked yourself whether you do the right things even when no one is watching? There is nothing as good as knowing that you can trust yourself to live by integrity, where you know that you are always responsible and knowing that you are doing that which is expected of you. The value of understanding that you are a trustworthy individual is much more important than always acting like a saint when you have an audience. Honesty and discipline reflects a lot in your life, if you can be trusted by others it shows that you can be able to do extraordinary things in managing your life.

7.Never judging anyone

Nobody is perfect, everyone just learns to appreciate their flaws and imperfections. Not being judgmental of others shows that you understand who you are, you appreciate yourself and love yourself which comes in handy with all other beautiful things. Most of those who judge others, usually have issues with themselves, they might not be happy with how they look, behave and act, what they do and many other things. They are so overwhelmed with their insecurities to the point of expressing their dislike for themselves using other people.

8.Always being thankful

Appreciation and showing of gratitude is one of the most important values that each person should have. Being thankful for everything makes you more happier with everyone and everything that surrounds you. You see the importance of the people and scenes that happen and as a result you become less judgy, arrogant , disrespectful and hateful. This helps to give you a peace of mind since you are happy with everyone, brings about positivity due to the appreciation that you have for even very little things, helps in providing you the necessary motivation to even do better things because you would not want to witness failure or rather worst happenings.

9.Living in love

Love is the best feeling that one can experience. Being told, I love you, tends to bring about an electrifying yet satisfying feeling to any individual. Love helps to unite people, it brings about happiness, comes in handy with peace and helps give a sense of belonging. Love for everything and everyone is what takes away hate, it helps you change your attitude to the better for so many things even those you dislike. You are able to achieve your dreams and goals, discover your passion just because of the love you have for them.

10.Aspiring to grow

Growth and development is important to everyone, however, it does not happen unless you have that urge and determination to grow. Most people have become stagnant in one position for long, not because they do not want to grow, but because they do not belief in it and they do not have it in their priority list.


One of the most important things in life is knowing what you want and what you are going to do to get it. For each person, there is that one individual that you look up to and have been aspiring to be like. And, to achieve that, you need to make some adjustments in your life. Well, the above article can help you or any other individual to be better in their life.


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