Have you been yearning to have a certain way of living, where you try and make the best out of yourself. A life with more positivity, self care and love where other people can admire you and you feel good about yourself. Things you do can actually determine how you start your day and affects how you end it. Aspiring to start off with positivity leads to a day full of goodies ahead.

Below are some of the habits that are easy to adopt and also worth the effort;

1. Tidy your bed once you are up

Just as you have woken up, ensure your bed is well made. This is one way of fighting any kind of laziness and thus beginning your day with awesome motivation. It also, fights away the temptation of going back to bed hence enabling you to advance to other tasks such as the bathroom then embarking on work.

2. Ensure that you drink water as soon as you wake up

Actually, most researches term this as a successful people habit. This is because they know how water can change their morning to the better. They increase brain functioning which is greatly needed throughout the day, through hydration water also helps to reduce fatigue and mood changes among other awesome benefits. Do this and you will realize your productivity increasing as well as health improvement.

3. Put on a smile

A smile shows that you have already won the day. Being able to afford a smile before the day even starts is everyone’s aspiration. A good smile is able to even hide the worst situation. Showing that you already won the day plays a key role in determining how everything is going to play out throughout the day. This promotes positivity in you and in your work. Read on; importance of having fun.

4. Spend less time on your phone on daily basis

The phone is a form of distraction to any form of work. Giving it a lot of time leads to time wastage and poor productivity. Minimizing the time on phone helps in improving your focus and determination on your work which leads to reaping more benefits.

5. Contact friends or any family member

Learn to improve the bond between you and your friends and family. Do it either via calls or messages. In this life, you always need somebody somewhere to help you in a thing or two. More often, this people are usually your friends and family. They are people that you can always look up to in times of need.

6. Always aspire to put on something good

This will make you feel good about yourself. Feeling good for self, always helps you to aspire to achieve the best. Your productivity increases because you know your end game and that you deserve so much more.

7. Have a balanced diet

Each day ensure that whatever food that you ingest is that which promotes good health. Self care and love for self is one step to success. Your body will function normally and with peace. Check; health tips you should know.

8. Ensure that you always treat yourself

It could be to a date or any other awesome event. Find ways to always appreciate your efforts so that you do not lose the motivation to keep being productive. However small the achievement is, it is worth a treat so that you can work towards achieving bigger goals.

9. Be organized and make lists

By making lists of things that you want to do you are in no position to forget. It also acts as a reminder of what your aspirations are. Whenever you feel demotivated just go back to your list and revisit your goals each at a time. Knowing your end game keeps you moving ahead. Check; Why you should never give up on your goals.

10. Learn to switch off your phone half an hour to bed

Most people are victims of getting tempted to visit the social media before bed or even while in bed until they fall asleep. If you are in a strict schedule of wanting to have adequate sleep, then learn to switch your phone off before bed so that you do not fall into the temptation of browsing. Getting adequate sleep helps to improve your alertness the next day.


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