So many people are always in the quest for happiness. However, they fail to realize that the routines and the habits that they involve themselves with on daily basis are what shield them from achieving the joy and satisfaction that they have been seeking.

Some people strive so hard to find happiness and in the process they put so much pressure in themselves leading to unhappiness. The little things that people ignore that they think they do not count for anything are those that which you will find becoming a big deal in acting as barriers to happiness.

Below are some of the habits that block your happiness;

1.Evading Accountability

We are always told that taking responsibility for our actions is a noble norm. Being able to own up to your choices even though they might have led to a failure is a portray of self respect. It depicts your true character, the extend that you would go to always protect your dignity. I know that most people would not want to always be associated with failures, be it from projects or other scenarios, and as a result, some would want to put blame on others so that they cannot be held responsible for some actions. However, even if you are able to evade the blame physically, there is something called the subconscious, you will not have a smooth escape with this, knowing that you evaded responsibility where you were to be held accountable will keep haunting you on daily basis. The haunt and bother will diminish your spark gradually and will render you feeling valueless. Low value and poor self respect leads to lack of self love which then leads to unhappiness.

2.Grumbling and Lack of Gratitude

These two phrases always go together, the reason for this is that an individuals who often forget to appreciate or give gratitude for the good that happen in their lives are prone to complains. Human beings usually fail to understand that what they have at the moment is someone else’s dream in the future. You would find an individual who owns a car whining about so many things wrong with the car, when an individual owning a bicycle is toiling day and night to be able to buy a car one day.

To tap into your happiness, you need to develop the right attitude towards what you have, learn to be appreciative and happy for what you got, do not always concentrate on those that you do not have, it will just keep manifesting unhappiness.

3.Having the Wrong group of People around

The people that you have in your circle have a huge impact in your life. Anytime you keep negative people, you will become negative, however anytime you hang around positive individuals, your mindset will begin to be full of positive energy.

Assessing the group you are with is one step into finding your happiness. You need people who inspire and motivate you in daily basis. Persons who comfort and give you hope when things are not going well n your life. This is your life, you need to take charge and be cautious when choosing friends, because some can bring downfall or rather steer you into the wrong direction of life.

You can never find happiness in a circle that you are trying so much to fit in or with people who never appreciate the real you and always want you to change to fit their standards. Aspire to be with people who are inspired.


What you believe in plays a key role in how your life turns out. You need to concentrate on the things that spark positivity. Learn not to hold on to negative beliefs because with time that is what you will start to believe in. Feed your mind with things that bring about growth and not what drives you below average. At times, people look for the cause of their unhappiness while considering only external habits, when the real source is themselves. It is until you make up your mind and change your beliefs to the better, when you an realize breakthrough.

At times, one of the biggest hindrance to any progress that you always want to make is yourself, however it can also be the biggest catalyst depending on what you choose to believe in. Learn to cling to the beliefs that help take you from one step to another and not those that will drag you down.

5.Evading Risks

Life is all about exploring and gauging your potential. At any point in time you have to take risks for things to work your way. You need to engage in things that challenge your ability so that you can feel that you are having a life. When you assume the comfort zone and begin to fit in it, you shall never be able to enjoy life in the way that you wanted, because you will keep doing the same things on daily basis and eventually you will get bored.

Find new opportunities and venture into them, never allow yourself to be stuck in one position for too long.

6.Not setting Priorities right

In life, for things to go well, you need to be organized, declutter your lifestyle in a way that ensures everything is on the right track and that each aspect of your life is attended to. Every part of your life is as important as anything else if not even more.

You would find most people, neglecting a section of their lives just because they want to deal with something else first. The most common example is the search for money. You would find people, exploring so many things in their quest for a source of income and neglecting their health. They would eat junk food, never exercising nor even do routine check ups just because they are too busy making money.

This usually comes to bite them back in the days to come, when they already have enough money and instead of enjoying their hard work, they spend their time and money seeking medication in hospitals. The reason for this is because there was no balance in their lives, they sought one thing while they sabotaged another.

7.Worrying about what others think

We live in a world that changes rapidly. The people in it also keep making advances to fit the changing world. As a result, each individual in an attempt to fit in, lose themselves in the process. They always want to be recognized by others, they want to be loved and seen with people of standard. These people worry too much about what the world think of them and not who they are.

Due to this, some individuals would opt to do things that impress others, so that they can be loved. They always want to appear to be perfect in the eyes of others at the expense of their internal emotions. They can fool the outside world but they can never fool their mind and soul thus they can never achieve the inward happiness knowing they lost themselves while trying to impress the world.

All these pretense causes nothing but pain and suffering. Look into, the tips that can help you worry less.


Am not enough, I do not fit in this group of people, they do not like me and I can never live in such a lovely house like them, are common phrases you would hear from people in the society. They always want to be like their neighbor, friend, colleague or the boss. The feeling of discontentment ripples into so many other negative thoughts and feelings.

When you compare yourself to another, is like admitting to defeat except there was no competition and also it leads to a lost sense of self. You begin to devalue yourself and even lose hope in your action thus preventing you from achieving the dreams that you have.

Check, tips to loving yourself.

9.Never Acting

Ideas are meant to be acted upon and each individual gets to have various set of ideas and a few choose to implement. Life does not need an individual who never acts, take for example, for an individual to get money for food, they need to work same case to life.

Life to so many people is full of regrets and wishes, just because they never took the initiative to work on something in their lives until it was too late. When you find something you can venture into, can prevent from causing harm or can save, do it. Regrets in life brings about sadness and unhappiness.

10.Clinging onto the Past

Not everyone gets to experience an awesome past, and if your past was not good enough, there is no need to keep hanging onto it.Clinging to a negative past can affect your present, because whenever you want to be happy, your past keeps emerging and reminding you of all those horrible things that you had to go through.

Most people would say that the past helps them to stay focused and work harder so that they do not get to experience what they went through in the past, that is well and good, however, for those who went through hurtful events, you need to let go. There is a difference between challenging and hurtful. A challenge give you the motivation to forge a head whereas a painful event,is like a wound that keeps being tampered with. Learn to differentiate the two and find out the type of past you had because you might have been hurting inside reliving the memories that brought you sorrow.

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