Watching movies is enjoyable and especially when you find one that touches the heart. Not all people love salvation based movies, but to those who do, you always want to choose that which gives you a sense of contentment regarding your faith. Below are a sample of the christian movies have watched and felt satisfied and fully immersed in my salvation.

1. Do you Believe?

This movie is nothing short of a game changer. Of all the christian movies have had the chance to watch, I can guarantee you that this one will lift your faith from one level to another. You can relate to the issues that the characters are going through and how their believe in God is strengthened. This is a family movie that teaches a lot regarding salvation and how we should always trust in God for a breakthrough when you feel there is no other way out. It is worth a more than a recommendation and I think you should watch it and see your faith in God rekindle.

2. I can only Imagine

Inspired by a young boy who loves to sing, and has got a heap of family issues. This film is so relatable to many people out there. Those who have gone through a lot of hurdles in life, this will be a push for you, that no matter the case, you need to keep going. Just trust God for better things. Also teaches on resentments and how to let go of them. Many struggle to forgive others for the deep cuts they caused in their lives, this is normal, but if you want to live your life to the fullest and ease the anger in your heart, you need to forgive. Watch this movie and I can assure you that it will leave a positive impact in your life.

3. Breakthrough

As the name suggests, the movie depicts scenes where God intervened in situations no man could. Just like life, at the times when maybe you have been diagonised with say an incurable disease, you are struggling with things that seem impossible, then that is when you should put your hope in God. God works in mysterious ways and can make the impossible possible. When all hope is lost, our God is working in silence to give us breakthrough. You just need to trust in him.

4. War Room

This movie teaches on upholding prayer in your life. Having prayer as the key to every situation. Prayer is an opportunity for you to talk to God about what you are facing, the trials you are going through and what you need God to do for you in life. He always listens, the only task upon us is to always learn to trust Him. If you think that you have been falling away from your prayer life, then watch this movie and let it inspire you.

5. Overcomer

God always puts the right people in your path. Individuals who are going to inspire you, believe in you and push you to your potentiality. Never undermine your worth because you are so much valuable in His eyes. You just need to believe in Him, His word and whatever the word says about you. Are you almost giving up in your life? Do you have doubts about your worth? Do you think you life is ruined in any way? This movie inspires those who feel lost and rekindles their value through Jesus Christ.

6. Heavenly Deposit

Many at times when you are faced with huge problems in life, you always try and be the hero in everything. You feel that you do not need any help in figuring out your problems, even when you are just hanging on by a thread, you do not want to surrender. Even when everything seems to go wrong however much you try, you keep hanging on your might, when there is a God in heaven that is waiting for you to call upon Him so that He can restore whatever you lost. When you think you cannot go on no more, surrender to Him and allow Him to amaze you.

7. I Still Believe

How many people have gone through a ton of challenges in their life? I presume many. Lots have even lost their loved ones, property, and many other hurtful situations, and somehow, deviated from their faith in God. God works for your good even when things seem to be going the way you do not want. All you have to do is keep trusting in Him to open far much greater doors for you. For those who think that God has forsaken them because of the trials they are facing, you need to watch this movie, so that you can understand that God never leaves your side, He is always there with you.

8. Miracles from Heaven

Is there something you have been waiting for God to do in your life? Yes, even me I do. Patience is usually the key to getting the answers, He always waits for the right time to grant you your needs. Even when you begin to lose hope in Him, He will never leave you. He will get you through whatever situation you are facing, and until then, keep focusing on Him and trusting His works.

9. Hope,Faith and Love

The title actually says it all. Trusting in God never goes unrewarded. Especially in the midst of calamities God answers prayers. To young kids, prayers are simple and sincere, they just tell God what they want as it is and He answers them accordingly. And that is why as adults we should learn from them.

10. God’s not dead: A Light in the Darkness

When faced with lots of challenges and they sometimes seem to overwhelm you, you tend to think that God has drifted away from you. The above movie helps you to understand that despite what you are going through in life, he listens and is working a way out for you. So, never ever give up.


Salvation is the most important aspect in any individuals life and without it, you tend to lose focus. As Christians, we all need a boost in our spirituality through His word. The word of God has been well portrayed in so many books, videos, films and movies out there thus the reason to access them. All the above movies depicts different scenes and situations that people face but all concentrates on trusting and believing on God in all situations. The good thing about them is that they are relatable and thus able to inspire you in different ways.

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